Mission & vision

Our mission
Actys Wonen offers a high-quality, convenient property management service to investors in residential property. Our reach and focus allows us to organise our processes in order to achieve an optimal and direct return on the property portfolios entrusted to us.

Our vision
Our high-quality property management sets itself apart through clear and strict procedures for operational activities, a client-focussed approach and reliable management information. These core values are central to the way we work and our service levels. Years of combining available expertise, knowledge and skills in the area of property management and related services means we can offer added value to our clients. Additionally, our focus on operational efficiency allows us to offer our clients highly competitive prices.


By actively adapting to the fluctuations of the property market, we strive to serve our clients, as well as our (prospective) tenants, in the best way possible.

This philosophy has informed our investment in an operational management system over the last few years. This allows clients to log in to their property portfolio 24 hours a day, meaning they always have a holistic and analytical insight to their records. Additionally, we have invested in a consumer-directed website to let properties in a quick and efficient manner. We have also specialised in a variety of other services, such as the letting of new builds, care-related real estate and consultation in process optimisation for housing associations.

Our knowledge of the (regional) property market puts us in a great position to advise our clients on a strategic level. Not only that, our vast experience in growth, sales, and investment in property also adds value to every property portfolio.


Actys CSR
There are a number of ways in which Actys Wonen strives to make corporate social responsibility a key consideration in the way it makes business decisions.

Firstly, we adopt a transparent way of working where we are accountable for what we do and how we do it. In addition to this, sustainability is always a factor we consider when making procurement decisions – whether we’re purchasing products and services for our own organisation or for our clients.

In a society where corporate social responsibility has an increasing effect on our everyday decisions, Actys Wonen is determined to play its part to the full.