Institutional investors

You are an institutional investor who invests in housing. You do this on behalf of pension funds and insurance companies among others, and a valuable house combined with high returns is very important to your clients.
You lead the asset management for your investment property but outsource the property management of the houses you are investing in. As a result, you choose Actys Wonen as your property manager because Actys Wonen really takes care of the daily management of your properties. The company operates from eight locations in the Netherlands and is available in a number of localities for both commercial and technical management. This means our people and our knowledge of the local real estate markets are always close by when you need them.

Actys Wonen also have a number of centrally-organised processes, particularly of an administrative nature. This ensures a high level of continuity and reliability in our services.

Property services that work

As an institutional investor who regularly invests in new build projects, you’ll understand the importance of knowing that Actys is a true specialist in the marketing and letting of new builds. We can advise you on rental rates, the right level of furnishing for your residences and the optimal marketing mix for your project. We also take control of the letting procedure for you, making sure it runs smoothly.

We can work according to your needs but, most importantly, we provide property services that really work!

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