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Actys Wonen manages more than 1,000 rental properties which are specifically intended for the elderly. This applies to both homes where independent living is a central premise and to accommodation with supportive care and welfare services. The operation of this type of property functions on the basis of a clear separation between residential and care services. In this model, the real estate operation is fully or partially directed by us. The care services are provided by a care partner. The separation of the two disciplines makes it possible for us to make optimal use of our knowledge and expertise. This creates added value in the overall service to the residents, the different user groups, and involved partners. In this way we are able to help the elderly to live in a comfortable and independent way for as long as possible, while maintaining the efficient operation of the property.

Care and attention for the target group

Care-related real estate requires a special approach, so it’s important when communicating with tenants to organise contact appointments in an approachable way. This works, for example, by having caretakers in different locations. Keeping a focus on the alignment of the different processes within the housing and care function(s) is also a central part of our service. Housing-related issues are closely agreed with our care partner. This could include making arrangements regarding housing allocation and ensuring the optimal safety and user-friendliness of the facilities. By working intensively in both areas, value can be added to the total living experience of the resident. The interaction also contributes to creating future-proof property management.

Our services

In line with our usual services, we have implemented a variety of contracts for housing associations and care establishments with healthcare property in the last five years. We’ve fulfilled various roles in doing so; from advisory roles to supervising operational processes surrounding the property.

Some practical examples are:

  • Producing scores on the basis of Property Valuation System
  • Making house price recommendations based on an integrated product- and market approach
  • Providing rental activities, both in a supporting role and managing the entire letting process
  • Producing stock and service cost budgets and packages, and the streamlining of active service cost administration.

Actys Wonen currently provides complete property management for a number of assisted living facilities commissioned by corporations and care institutions. In doing so, the division between housing and care is looked after in a responsible way. This has resulted in a reduction in vacancy problems and the implementation of new registration and reporting systems for optimal management of the operation.

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Curious about what we can do for you?

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