Administrative management

Actys Wonen has organised its administrative processes centrally, from the head office in Arnhem. The Shared Service Centre there takes care of most of the administrative management, so we can ensure a high level of continuity and reliability in our services.

The Shared Service Centre is comprised of three departments. These departments have extensive knowledge and experience with the administrative tasks that are involved in property management and letting and they work with the property system REMS (Real Estate Management System).

Department PA/SSK

The department PA/SSK handles all bank statements and takes care of the regular letting invoices as well as the annual service and heating invoices. To ensure a good quality product, several controls are built into the different work processes. Therefore, on a regular basis, all of the invoices are checked to see whether it is correct against a ledger card in the financial administration. This applies for the letting invoices as well as for the service and heating invoices.

Accounts receivable department

The accounts receivable department is engaged in the collection of rents and any payment arrears and works closely with various debt collection agencies. The department works entirely in accordance with the guidelines and procedures as agreed with the client. Additionally, debtor reports are produced to conform to the wishes of the client. This is preferably done using REMS. There is a monthly control check in order to guarantee the quality of the administrative processes of the department.

Accounts payable department

The accounts payable department takes care of the registration and payment of all invoices within the letting administration. Invoices are checked for the correct amount and coding. The invoices are recorded by complex administration and are out on the list of creditors. To guarantee the accuracy and quality of the data, all lists are checked regularly.

Our services

Based on our years of experience with the administrative management of real estate, we will happily take your property administration off your hands. Through our protected extranet environment, you can log in to your own portfolio 24 hours a day. So you always have an overall insight into your records.

Curious about how Extranet works? ‘View the demo‘ of the system and log in with the following details:

Username: actys
Password: demo

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