Housing association consultancy

Actys Wonen has extensive knowledge and experience in the efficient organisation of property management; knowledge and experience that we are happy to share. For property owners who still manage their property themselves, such as housing associations, we can give advice on a consultancy basis about the organisation of management processes. Especially now that that there is an economic necessity to work more efficiently, we can quickly analyse existing management processes. Together, we can repeat these processes and identify where there are opportunities for optimisation. Then we create a report about how we can make these processes work better and name both quantitative and qualitative points for improvement.

Based on presentations and question and answer sessions, we can explain to your employees how to carry out processes, commercial approach to vacancies, etc.

Rental of private homes

Actys Wonen lets more than 2,000 homes annually, including both social housing and private homes. Experience shows that letting private homes requires a different approach than letting social housing. In practice we see that owners of predominantly social housing do not have their priorities set on letting their privatised portfolio.

We will gladly provide you with sound advice on how to improve the rent ability of these homes or give you a hand in letting your private property.

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