Long-term maintenance planning

In order to carry out technical management it is necessary to have a current long-term maintenance plan (LTMP).  This schedule provides an estimate of the expected costs of large maintenance issues and the condition of all of the parts of the complex can be determined. The planned (strategic) maintenance can therefore be planned and carried out optimally from the correct technical data. Our technical manager updates this plan annually.

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To prepare a LTMP we first collect all available data about the building and its maintenance history. The technical manager subsequently carries out a visual inspection of what high maintenance elements there are in the building and in what quantity. The technical condition of the maintenance is then assessed by all of these elements. The inspection is carried out objectively and unambiguously by checking the (standardised) faults.

If a part cannot be assessed visually, the condition is determined based on the (estimated) age related to the theoretical lifetime of that element. All faults are categorised according to risks/priorities where a distinction can be made between: health and safety, functionality and cost, aesthetics etc. Here, your requirements as an owner and the available budget play an important role. All planned maintenance work is given a cycle which states how often the maintenance is to be carried out and the costs of this.

What then follows is the scheduling of the maintenance work. The most efficient and effective scheduling of the work will be found, determined by budget, priorities and the desired maintenance level. This is different for each building. Costs can be saved by combining maintenance work, where scaffolding costs can be limited, for example. If the scheduling is planned, it is clear when which maintenance will be carried out and the reservations needed each year.

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