New build letting and consultancy

As an investor, you’re concerned with acquiring new property which is still in the development phase. We will gladly advise you about the design, layout and the completion of these homes. We will also be happy to determine your target group – who are they and what are they looking for? We can also advise you at an early stage about rent prices, due to our market knowledge and reference projections, so that you can test out the feasibility of a project.


Our services
After you have acquired the project we will advise you on the marketing and methods of communication to use. In the rental, we act as a management estate agent which, among other things, means that we manage cooperating real estate agents, devise and organise rental activities, provide reports and act as your point of contact during rental consultations. Additionally, our marketing department can take care of both online and offline campaigns for you that can promote your property. These efforts aim to let all homes so that you do not have to deal with vacancy loss.


After giving the property to the tenant, we make a report for you regarding the profile of the inhabitants, which is a good reference point for the intended target group. We also send out a customer service survey to all tenants and naturally, you are informed of the results. Specific issues which arise from this can be incorporated directly into the service to the tenants.


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