Rent price consultancy

Rent consultancy is part of our daily work and with more than 20,000 rental properties under our management, we have extensive knowledge of the realisation of rent prices and their development.

Our services
We advise you about the rent prices which can be realised from new builds and complexes. We do this based on blueprints, state of completion, location and reference objects. We prepare a comprehensive recommendation for you in which all of these elements are included. The intended target group is also taken into consideration.

Additionally, we advise you on the possible growth of rental income after renovation work, for example, both individually and across a complex as a whole. Every year we apply rent adjustments to current leases. For the latter, we form object policy plans where we review the rent price and developments in the (local) rental market, the condition of the maintenance and reference objects. We determine the rental price for social rented housing by compiling point scores.

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