Technical Due Diligence

A thorough due diligence investigation is indispensable in making important investment decisions such as buying property. The goal of technical due diligence is to determine the technical state of a property in a careful way. The advantage of doing this is it helps to avoid unforeseen and unnecessary costs and to determine the most cost effective methods of repair or restoration.

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We carry out a Technical Due Diligence investigation through a visual inspection. This inspection includes an examination of the current condition of the elements in relation to the desired condition, or the condition that the elements should be in, taking the proper maintenance into account. The elements which are examined are architectural elements, mechanical components, and mechanical installations.

The results of the examination are presented in an advisory report. Listed alongside these findings are cost estimates in the form of a long-term maintenance plan in order to bring the elements up to the desired condition, where the focus lies on costs which will arise in the first five years. You can use the results of the investigation when calculating returns.

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