Technisch beheer

Actys Wonen has a team of technical specialists who look after the technical management of the residences. The technical management policy will be determined after consultation with the client. Our technical managers consult and give advice on both a tactical and strategic level, so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your property.

We will gladly coordinate the complete maintenance of your property for you, that is, both the small daily maintenance as well as the planned (strategic) maintenance.

Small daily maintenance

During the term of a lease, a tenant can identify technical problems with the residence. The tenant can fill in a form on the website or report the problem via telephone, email or post. The settlement, monitoring and feedback on the reported repair requests are laid out in a procedure. The service desk technician is responsible for receiving, settling and monitoring the repair requests. In exceptional circumstances, they can enlist the support of a technical manager, who would then give instructions to settle the request or would take over settling the request. Each Actys Wonen office has a unique email address where faults can be reported (

Planned (strategic) maintenance

Planned maintenance is prepared in consultation with the client. The technical manager prepares a long-term maintenance plan as a recommendation in order to control long-term maintenance costs. This means that the maintenance policy can be tuned to the future maintenance costs. The technical manager looks after the planning and budget but also plays an active role in dealing with the client. If the maintenance costs are very high in one year, due to the complete replacement of fittings or paintwork for example, the budget or reserves can be released prematurely. The other maintenance work can also be adjusted or moved. Therefore, the maintenance policy can be spread out so that no unexpected high expenses arise.

Our services:

We give you peace of mind from A to Z. Services that we can help you with:

  • Conducting inspections per transaction and preparing inspection reports;
  • Conducting inspections regarding complaints;
  • Conducting regular and preventative inspections, if necessary or desired;
  • Settling maintenance complaints
  • Establishing long-term maintenance planning;
  • Issuing maintenance proposals;
  • Quotations, task distribution and checking and carrying out maintenance;
  • Reviewing invoices submitted;
  • Taking care of commissioning new builds and handling warranty obligations;
  • Terminating maintenance contracts and keeping them competitive;
  • Central heating systems, lifts, window washing and cleaning, garden maintenance etc;
  • Supervising major renovation projects.

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